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he story is how I came to be here

he story is how I came to be here, Dot News


he story is how I came to be here

he story is how I came to be here. I came here as an apprentice to the same people who run the world. The world is a maze of broken structures and broken machines. We all get trapped. I see my family. I know each day how bad things are. But not much happens. I was just born in a factory and the factory is completely closed, and everything is just broken and rotting. There is no medicine, and no hope. I can’t even run the business. I am very weak and isolated. The only way I can get a job is to pay my debts to the government. I can’t even get a job. I feel a great sense of hopelessness. I can’t even walk down the streets. I’m living like any normal person of the world: with so much to lose. I’ve always known my place in the world, but we’ve become so lonely together. I don’t know what to do about it.

I feel like this moment of being here means that I am part of an even bigger story. A story of betrayal, of betrayal with respect to my country. I am so ashamed to say the word of this place.

The thing about this is that I am the daughter of a great grandmother and a mother who used to live there. I wanted to know my grandmother’s story, and what we’ve become, and I wanted to know every day that we are not alone. It was so strange. Bu

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