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was in a business meeting

was in a business meeting, Dot News


was in a business meeting

was in a business meeting. My friend said, ‘you know, my brother did it?’

The guy was like ‘huh?’ And then the next thing I know, it was this giant spider jumping out of the sky and was getting ready to explode. I’m like ‘what?’ And then the thing just came to life.

A few minutes later, it had started to explode and started to eat me.

And, it came to life.

A few minutes later, after I got to meet the guy, my friend walked in and said «Hi, my face is looking so great here! What is that?»

Then he turned around and started walking out of the room in black.

Then he hit a wall.

When I got out of the room, I saw him running down the stairs.

He was wearing a white shirt with a red sweater on him.

He was like ‘hello.’

There was a police officer in the photo.

I walked up to him and my friend said I need to get out of there right now.

Right now I’m here in a very strange place.

You know, I got there, I got out of there, it was a big thing.

The big thing was that I was surrounded by police.

I saw this guy, this guy who was running down the stairs. And then I saw him runnin

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